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This antifungal spray was created with those who have certain skin issues due to breakouts on the body, such as back, legs, joints, thighs and neck. It contains tea tree, lavender, geranium rose water, oregano, aloe vera, coconut oil and clove and other antibacterial essential oils, in a witchhazel water base!

We have hair stylist, teachers, public workers, etc that use this amazing spray daily!

You can use this instead of antibacterial gels for the comfort of a natural alternative that is just as effective without the addition of harmful chemicals.

Get your today for your everyday!

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2 reviews for ANTIFUNGAL SPRAY

  1. Tina jones

    I had psoriasis on my arms

    I had psoriasis on my arms and always wore long sleeves due to the dry patches and me scratching my arms left wales on my arms. After reading and doing my research on this product and asking Nicole a ton of questions, sorry Nicole. I took the chance and I am glad I did. My arms cleared in 1 month, the dry patches cleared up and now the discolouration is fading nicely. It is a great product. I wore sleeveless for the first time last week and I was confident. Thanks Nicole and again sorry for being a pest but you have my patronage of life :smiley:

  2. Deshawn

    Favorite hand sanitizer

    I must say that I am impressed with this antifungal spray. My hands feel clean and bacteria free, once sprayed and wiped off. For the type of job i have, this really helps me out.

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