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This is our product created by you, who requested for us to create this product just for you. It is a natural deodorant created with Shea butter, coconut oil, aloe butter, aluminum free baking soda, magnesium oil, arrowroot pwd and essential oils. Providing deodorant for protection throughout the day.

We suggest if you are a new transitioner from the regular antiperspirant user, please purchase along with this product our “Stephs underarm detox”, that we would you suggest you use at night and the natural deodorant and Steph underarm detox in the day until the detox is finished and you should transition into the natural deodorant world seamlessly. Enjoy and be free or the chemicals!

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  1. Nicole

    This is the best deodorant ever
    Mirna on Dec 15, 2016
    I am glad I met Nicole in a supermarket that day and got to talking, she told me of her natural skin care line and I was so impressed. She gave me some knowledge on deodorant and underarm detox and I decided to go online and buy. This stuff really works, good job. I got no reaction and it keeps me pretty much smell free all day! So happy I met you at fortinos:blush:

  2. Nicole

    No discoloration or burning
    Cynthia on May 10, 2017
    This underarm deodorant, does not discolor my pits like the other natural ones out here. It really works and keeps me fresh. As Nicole instructed I paired this with Steph underarm detox until the bottle was done and used both in the day and the detox at night. Now I do not need to use both, just the deodorant after 40 days of use. Great product.

  3. Nicole

    ’m a believer!
    Chanel on Aug 26, 2022
    I’ve been trying to switch to a natural deodorant for years with no success. They were simply no match for my strong pits! I stumbled across this product at an event and I was amazed by the ingredients in it. When she told me there was aluminum free baking soda I thought, “Perfect! Not only will the baking soda help absorb sweat and oils it will also help exfoliate and lighten my armpit skin.

    Let me tell you that this stuff is a game changer!!

    STORY TIME: I was ordering food at a Jamaican restaurant and I guess I raised my arm to point to an item on the menu. Let me tell you, the man behind the counter couldn’t stop raving about how he never saw armpits so “clean” before. I’ve NEVER been complimented on my armpits before in my life lmao! I didn’t realize what he was talking about until I went home and checked. I was amazed too because my armpits were ultra smooth and free of the usual bumps and ingrown hairs but the skin was indeed much MUCH lighter! Like my armpits look like baby armpits now!

    It’s funny because I have an armpit “routine” now! I wash my armpits with the detox soap first and then spray the Steph detox spray directly on my pits and gently rub it in (this works better for me than applying it with a cotton pad) and then I apply the deodorant. Since I take the time to detox my armpits, my natural sweat isn’t over powering the deodorant anymore and I only have to touch up once a day which is expected of a natural product.

    THANK YOU so much for this!!!

    Oh wow! I am amazed at your review! Just goes to show being consistent within the natural world will always get results ! Patience and being consistent will always reign supreme! Thank you for staying the course and walking around with clear, fresh scented pits! 😚 thank you so much! Many blessings to you on your natural journey! Thank you for trusting our product line👍🏾☺️

    – Diva Creations Skin and Hair Care Line

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