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This is our new product created by you, who requested for us to create this product just for you. It is a natural deodorant created with Shea butter, coconut oil, aloe juice, no aluminum free baking soda, magnesium oil, arrowroot p0wder, lavender and rosewood and other effective essential and carrier oils. Providing deodorant protection throughout the day.

We suggest if you are a new transitioner from the regular antiperspirant user, please purchase along with this product our “Stephs underarm detox”, that we would you suggest you use at night and the natural deodorant and Steph underarm detox in the day until the detox is finished and you should transition into the natural deodorant world seamlessly. Pairs well with those who are already detoxed with low scent. Enjoy and be free of the chemicals!

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  1. Nicole

    This stuff works!
    Cass on Jun 26, 2019
    First off, this deodorant smells AMAZING! I highly recommend you use this deodorant with the Steph underarm detox! It is long lasting and I rarely have to do any touch ups. Leaves my underarms feeling soft and mosturized.

    Awesome! That is great Queen! Thanks for sharing your experience with our deodorant! Yes the combination is stellar! Thank you for entrusting and incorporating Diva Creations into your health journey! We appreciate you ☺️

    – Diva Creations Skin and Hair Care Line

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