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These are incredible natural facial pads that you can use daily to cleanse the face and neck, to remove dead skin cells and boost blood circulation, resulting in a clean and soft skin.

This face pad swells once water is added to loofah sponge.

Make sure to leave in a soap dish away from any soap residue.

This loofah face pad works well with Island tea face wash.

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1 review for LOOFAH FACE PADS

  1. Nicole

    I would rather use this then the brush
    Bess on Dec 30, 2017
    I love that it is natural and it is a great exfoliant tool to give my face that extra cleanse. Great tool for eveeyday use.

    It really is! I love it and the face that is naturally sourced makes for a great tool! Thanks for the product review. WE appreciate you and your business. Love and light

    – Diva Creations Skin and Hair Care Line

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