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This mask is a powerful mixture providing the skin with pore reduction, blackhead removal and cleansing the pores of daily debris, tighter fresher skin and brightens skin with the use of activated charcoal and benonite clay.

  • Pulls dirt out of the pores and opens clogged pores
  • Relieves mosquito bites and stings
  • Tones and tightens skin
  • Reduces blemishes
  • Exfoliates the skin


DISCLAIMER: THE PRODUCT IS WEIGHED AND MAY APPEAR TO BE LESS HOWEVER IT IS THE RIGHT AMOUNT THAT YOU HAVE PURCHASED. Don’t be alarmed, you are receiving the same richness and decadence of the face mask and it will last you. Thanks for your understanding.  Enjoy!



Face Mask (Do this before bed, do once a week)

Wash face, once complete, pat dry, using the back of a small spoon, apply the mixture to the face and frontal neck area. Keep on the face until semi-dry to dry, you will feel the tightening of the skin and again, apply a dark colored warm washcloth to the face for one minute and then gently wash off the face, proceed to apply herbal facial oil to retain the moisture while you sleep.

Please note: refridgate between use.

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  1. Lisa Bennett

    This is a great face mask…better than biore

    I met one of the owners at an event and in speaking with one of young ladies, she was very knowledgeable and knew her stuff about skin care. Took the chance and I can say that this blackhead removal face mask is amazing and really cleared up my face and keeps it toned and pimple free, I used to use Biore and go and get expensive facials at the spa, since using this, I have no need to go and spend any extra funds, it saves me so much money! This mask lasts more than 2 months and that is with me using it 3 times a week.Thanks DC skin, you ladies are God sent!

  2. Marsha J

    Pores has reduced and complexion lightened

    I had big pores around my cheeks and nose, after using this mask 3 times a week, it has reduced my pores and literally brightened up my face. I am so pleased with this mask. The only thing is the messiness but it is still all worth it, in the end. Amazing stuff.

  3. Rochelle

    My skin loves this mask

    My skin has improved with using this mask once a week for 3 months now. My skin has cleared up, remains toned and smooth. As instructed to use a dark cloth cause it can get a bit messy but it works all the same. Great invention

  4. Maria

    This black mask works wonders

    S mask works wonders for my skin, it cleared my skin complexion and texture of my face. Cannot express how good this is however gave a 4 star because it can get a bit messy but other than that. It is good.

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