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This is an amazing herb based cream is great on anywhere on the body! Use it as a ointment to rid the skin of irritation. By applying on the areas of concern will cause the itchiness to go away and bring back the skin to its normal state! Our test subjects are loving the results of this amazing cream. We only use herbs that is targeted at eczema conditions such as yellow dock, calendula, thyme and other beneficial herbs for eczema into a decadent carrier based moisturizing cream of Shea butter to spread evenly onto skin.  Try it today!


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  1. Nicole

    Eczema Cream
    Careen on May 15, 2022
    I got a sample of this product and fell in love, I bought a jar for myself, This is the best. I used it on my arm when it became dry and itchy it immediately got better. I decided to use it on a pimple that came up and to my surprise the pimple dried up overnight. I was shocked. I had a toe nail that was discolored so I decided to try this cream omg my toe is clean and shiny. I will never be out of this cream it is the best. hank you Diva Creations.

    Oh that is amazing! Thank you for your review! Yes the herbs that are within the cream ihaa antifungal properties, so we can see why it did all those amazing things! We are glad you like it and furthermore found more uses outside the scope of why we created this herbal cream! Thanks again! Love and light

    – Diva Creations Skin and Hair Care Line

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