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Made with pine tar created into a closed kiln. Tackles the itchiness caused from eczema prone skin conditions. It is black in colour, a pure ingredient using pine tar, mixed with aloe, tamanu carrier oil and tea tree with other beneficial essential oil to this mixture. It also helps with discolouration causes from eczema as well.

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  1. Nicole

    Worked miracles on my son skin 😉
    Cherry on May 08, 2022
    I got this soap for my sons skin, He gets really bad eczema flare ups, I use this on his full body like suggested. Love this combination of soap paired with eczema relief cream to clear dark marks and itchiness that he was experiencing, the soap really helped to soothe his flare up majorly, what a relief. The scars diminished and prepared his skin for real healing. I am a believer in this products, thanks diva 🙂

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