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This is our first introduction to the body butter line called CASTOR OIL BODY BUTTER, using raw shea butter, coco butter, cold pressed castor oil, tea tree, camphor e oil, eucalyptus e oil, tamanu C oil, aloe oil, grapeseed and extra virgin olive oil. Did you know that the use of castor dates back to ancient Egypt, where it was likely used for medicinal and beauty according to google

With these ingredients combined provides the overall health to the body

  • Assists the body with symptoms of arthritis
  • Smoothens the aging skin
  • Assists with acne and scars
  • Makes hair stronger and beautiful
  • Promotes wound bounce back
  • Relieves mild pain
  • Boosting skin health
  • Improves body circulation, eliminations and speeds up recovery
  • Recommended for body areas

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