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This is a sample pack, as per request from some of those wanting to try the awesome package of Island Tea Face Wash, Hemp Green Tea Face Toner and Moringa Facial Moisturizer.

This combo, is power packed with the herbs from the Islands with the great benefits to the skin to assist with occasional pimples, acne breakouts, hyper pigmentation and tightening of the skin. This pack is a maintenanceĀ of keeping the skin clear and prevention of any major future breakouts.

For more information on all items in this power pack, you can review each on their own, in the following sections: natural soap, facial toners and facial cream for further descriptions on each product and the many benefit to the skin.

Get this pack today and be amazed!

ISLAND FACIAL PACK CONTAINS: Get 1oz Island Tea Face Wash, 1oz Hemp Green Tea face toner and small Moringa Facial Moisturizer.

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3 reviews for ISLAND FACIAL PACK

  1. Nicole

    This Island pack gives me all that I need! šŸ˜‰
    joannej on Jan 15, 2017
    I love this Island facial pack, even though I have bad experience with the cerasee tea, it does wonders for my face, the toner is amazing and the moringa face cream is beautifully whipped with all the bells and whistles. This is great product for getting rid of acne marks and reoccurring acne. My face has been fairly clear since using it. Marks on the face has faded dramatically. I Will be purchasing another this week.;)

  2. Nicole

    Lovvvved it
    K Jay on Feb 01, 2017
    Skin is clear,clean, feels soft and fresh! my skin has never looked this good.

  3. Nicole

    This pack gives my face LIFE
    Tania on May 07, 2017
    I followed the instructions that was given with my order and my skin has cleared up, my acne scars majorly faded and my skin is so soft. Love love love this combo pack. Ladies and gents it does exactly what the ladies from DC skin says. Amazing

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