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This is the infamous acne facial pack that shows results, it contains either carbolic soap or skin detox, citrus sugar facial scrub, Oregon grape root astringent and herbal acne facial oil.

This acne pack that works on acne prone skin, rosecea, eczema, reduce the appearance of acne and pigmentation spots on the skin. It contains skin detox soap or Carbolic soap, citrus sugar facial scrub, Oregon grape root astringent and herbal acne facial oil.


1.  Everyday routine facial regime (Can do in the morning and or evening)

Wash face with skin detox soap, rinse face, apply the Oregon Grape Root Astringent with a cotton ball, wait until face dries, then apply a dime size amount of oil and gently rub into face and neck in an upward movement.

2.  Facial Scrubs (Do this before bed or on weekends around twice a week or as needed)

Wash face first, pat dry, apply scrub and lightly in an upward motion, rub mixture on the face, neck and upper chest area, once complete, use a warm washcloth and apply on complete face for one minute and gently wash face off, you can do this once a week.  Follow thru with herbal acne facial oil or Age defying Herbal Face Oil.


  1. Nicole

    Worked great!!!
    Janice on Jul 25, 2016
    My teenage son have acne problems, I have tried other different products nothing seem to worked after trying the herbal acne facial pack for a week I started seeing improvement, his acne started clearing up, with in a month his face was looking normal again n most important he started smiling again

  2. Nicole

    Amazing combo for my teenage daughter and myself!
    Melissa Blane on Oct 05, 2016
    I had to comment on how this combo has helped my daughter, regain her confidence, now that her face and complexion is even and smooth, she has join cheer leading and is so sociable now, I am so happy for my child. On the other hand, I was getting some adult acne and decided to use it, it has cleared up my skin and some discoloration around my mouth and cheeks have lightened significantly. The only downfall is that between my daughter and myself it is now done, will be ordering her own order and my own as well by this weekend. Thanks for creating this acne pack, it is really a good acne fighting combo.

  3. Nicole

    My acne is gone
    Lisa on Nov 02, 2016
    It has a few steps to this system but it really works.
    At first I was overwhelmed but with the instructions provided with the product, I followed it and noticed a difference by the 4th day. Now it is like second nature. My acne has cleared up after 2 months, the acne scarring is majorly faded! Skin texture is smooth now. Thanks DC

  4. Nicole

    Saving my skin!
    Rebecca on Jun 28, 2020
    This whole package is absolute gold. My pores are tighter and my skin is clearer! Ive been having some acne pop up, but within a week of using this combo I’m acne free and my skin looks more rejuvenated! I haven’t been wearing foundation either, the gentle herbs nourish the skin and improve blood flow to your face to create a beautiful healthy glow! I love the floral smell too!

    That is awesome! I am glad that you are enjoying the products and that healthy glow naturally! We appreciate your review. Love and light Queen 🙂

    – Diva Creations Skin and Hair Care Line

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