We have been working diligently behind the scenes, creating more lovely products as per your requests…

Turmeric Cream – it is all the rave and selling like hot bread! We were finally able to post for our online lovelies to purchase. Great for brightening skin and dealing with hyperpigmentation skin and dull skin!  It is in our HERBAL FACE CREAM section. 

Clear skin Cream – Made with Bitter melon, is one of our first ever ACNE PRONE skin creams. It also helps with hair breakage morning from root but more so ends of the hair. It is in our HERBAL FACE CREAM section. 

Cerasee body wash – Made with Cerasee bush tea from Jamaica. We use a plant base soap base and the tea seasoned with rich carrier oils and essential oils. For best results please use with a shower puff or loofah sponge.  This is in the NATURAL SOAP section. 

Antibacterial body wash – Made with Carbolic soap and African black soap from Ghana! Carbolic is know as a antibacterial soap paired with the African black soap. The combination is amazing. As one kills bacterial on the skin, the other balances our moisture and skin toning. What a wonderful combination. For best results, please use with a shower puff or loofah sponge. This is available in the NATURAL SOAP section. 

MAMA R BLENDS is a new product provided on our site for local lovelies to pick up fresh from vaughan, Ont. The main ingredient is Irish Sea Moss sourced directly from Jamaica! We have 2 flavours available such as HIBISCUS GINGER and CINNAMON VANILLA! Can be used on its own, in teas or smoothies! Great addition to your health walk! Try one today!

And finally our prayer have been answered we now have available for purchase HEAVY LONG which is 33cm in length 👀 We are so happy to provide an option for a ladies with a heavier flow! Simply amazing. It is pure cotton, fortified with aloe, rose and mint! Your flow will have little to no scent and many other great benefits! Get your today!

Try one today! They are all really amazing products! 

Love and abundant light everyone! 

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