This woman’s hand made creations of body butters and facial scrubs are amazing. Her products leave my skin glowing.
(I am very particular about the products I use on my skin and this here is the real deal)

We humbly thank you for this product review😊

We love our DC Lovelies and their product reviews…we are glad that you are experiencing the love we put into our products 😊 Thanks to this fabulous Chef of “Edible Bliss”, that caters to vegan and or tasty different food options, vegan desserts and condiments. What I love about Chef Amanda is that she caters to your food desire or if you have food allergies, she caters to your specific food palate. It is great to have met another entreprenuer like myself in the six, we out here doing our thing and making a difference. Love and light Ms AmandaπŸ€— PS. I have to get some more condiments from her cause they are the bombπŸ’£…hmmm I am thinking next week Chef Amanda 😊 Amanda Hamer #ladyboss #entreprenuer #torontosown #chef #vegan #desserts #condiments #food #foodallergies #shegotyou #dcskinandhair #love #customerreviews

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