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Herbal sanitary napkins


The company selects plant extracts derived from well known standard texts on traditional Chinese herbal medicine (used to train state-licensed practitioners to this day). The use of plant oils and extracts as ointment has been well established component of folk medicine in the West and it persists to this day in certain clinical settings.  

We are always trying to step out the box and provide products that are not currently available to us here in Ontario. These are herbal sanitary napkins. We will have them available in overnights, normal or pantyliners. We have personally tested these and love the results. These product employs a hybrid approach, combining traditional Chinese herbal formulations with topical application techniques pioneered in the West. Together, we have a product that is truly unique in its effectiveness.
Principal ingredients and their known benefits:

1. Rose: Improves circulation and relieves pain

2. Aloe: Anti-inflammatory, relieves itchiness and moisturizes

3. Mint: Refreshing, anti-microbial, and relieves pain/tension

4. Lavender: Anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory, and helps to relieve dermatitis symptoms

5. Houttuynia: Anti-microbial, anti-viral and improves urinary flow.

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