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Herbal Hair Rescue Balm Formula 2


This amazing hair growth balm contains Shea butter, aloe butter, coconut, hemp, castor, carrot, olive, grapeseed oil, Amla pwd, burdock root pwd, tea tree, peppermint, sage and other various essential oils. Apply to scalp every other day, massage in for maximum absorption. This balm has antiseptic properties that directly delivers nutrients to the scalp, clearing the follicles for new fresh hair roots.


Please note: Please see your doctor, check your iron levels and thyroid as well. We have found the main cause of hair loss to be initially due to those health factors. Go to your local health store and seek iron and or kelp supplements to assist the body in replenishing it back to normal. Working from the inside out would be extremely successful and long standing for hair loss issues.

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