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Celeste Ginger Therapeutic Soap


This soap was inspired by one of our DC skin clients, so as per her request we have developed this luxurious soap, that provides so much healthy skin benefits.

Ingredients: Shea soap base, ginger root, ginger root E oil, hemp oil, aloe Vera juice, and several essential oils. It helps with slow circulation.

  • Assists with slow circulation
  • Pore clearing on the skin
  • Skin detoxification which allows the glands to sweat and release toxins
  • Has power antiseptic properties for sun burns and blisters
  • Beneficial for people who are diabetic for their hands and feet
  • Clears the appearance of blemishes
  • It is an anti aging soap that fights all free radical agents and protects the skin.
  • Fights off fine lines, dull skin and wrinkles
  • Helps with fading scars

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