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Bath Mesh Pouf



  • Mesh poufs with assorted colors. ( Blue, White, Pink, Green, Khaki ) It is a perfect size to fit in your hands.
  • Luxurious - The soft and full bath poufs work up a great lather with any shower gel or soap to help you Gently Exfoliates Skin & Cleanses Skin Pores
  • Easy Foam & Storage - Shower balls can save up to 20% on the use of bath foam. Attached String for easy storage after use!
  • Multicolors, Better quality! A shower pouf increases lather production, and unlike a sponge, a pouf does not absorb product. Additionally, those with sensitive skin may find that a pouf is less irritating than a loofah.

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  •  We suggest to use these amazing bath poufs with our liquid soap line for the best results! 

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