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Baby Dream Body Butter


Specializes in Mood calmness, skin abrasions, antibacterial, reducing the appearance of ringworm, eczema and it has a great light scent for toddlers, young children and adults alike.

Ingredients: Burkina Faso Shea butter, cocoa butter, aloe butter, apricot butter, Argan butter, olive, grape seed, jojoba carrier oils, aloe oil, lavender, tea tree and other essential oils.

  • Reduces the appearance of Eczema
  • Treats dry skin
  • Helps maintain Moisture
  • Reduces the appearance of ringworm
  • Helps Psorisis
  • Helps with hand and foot disease
  • You can pair it with Celeste Ginger Soap(look into luxurious soap section) for an antibacterial moisturizing combo. 

We have heard you cries of either sharing your butters with hubby, the kids, the siblings and it is just not enough, well we now have 16oz of whipped goodness to either share or keep just for yourself. It is available now.

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