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Cerasee Liquid Body Soap


This is one of our first liquid body washes made available to those who do not like bar soaps. We suggest you use with a bath puff for greater lather. Enjoy! 

Called CERASEE LIQUID BODY SOAP! One of our first body washes ever and the reviews are coming in y’all! Many of our subjects with eczema issues stated it helped with ridding the skin of scratching and clearing up skin! 

Cerasee bush from jamaicia is known for its bitter taste and great for the purging of the blood internally but on the skin it purifies the skin, especially if you have any rashes, eczema, psoriasis, ringworm or chicken pox. We use the fresh bush to wash down the body to aid in ridding  the skin of any bacterial topical fungus. But for normal skin you can still use to keep the skin looking toned and fresh! 

Main ingredients is distilled water Cerasee tea from Jamaica, essential oils, rich carrier oils and plant based soap called coco glucoside. 

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