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Diva Hypo Cream


Diva Hypo Cream. 

We have been working hard and creating solutions to your skin issues, such as the following skin conditions such as Vitiligo, Seborrheic dermatitis, Tinea versicolor and Pityriasis alba.

The pigment producing cells called melanocytes die or stop producing melanin. This is where patches of the skin become lighter and white in colour.  

This is a 20 day trial of our hypo-pigmentation cream. This skin condition is for those suffering with pigmentation loss hence the word "hypo" pigmentation(loss of pigment) In our research we combined the carrier oils, herbs and effective essential oils aimed to developed this wonderful cream to help regain the colour lost in the skin. Main ingredient is ginger. Please seek professional help this is for milder conditions only! It is available for sale now.

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