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Ginger Body Butter


This body butter that has been added to our body butter collection, has anti-inflammatory properties using Ginger the wonder root  to help warm those joints and enliven the skin. Due to the high amount of ginger juice, ginger powder and ginger essential oil. This cream is quite warming and stimulating for circulation and cellulite reduction. This warming combination is designed to nurture dry skin all year round, but is especially warming during the cold wet winter months. 

* Blemishes and Body Acne
* Soothes burns and blisters
* Radiant skin
* Skin toning
* Hypopigment (white) scars and or age spots
* Tones and tightens skin        
* arthritis

* circulation    
*  Helps with menstrual pain by applying on the abdominal area and keep under covers helps with the pain




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