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This is what we did at the CIBWE event...2 day event...

It was a fabulous event, showcasing strong women internationally coming together, sharing knowledge, making connections and networking. It was so nice to meet so many fabulous people under one roof. We had some very real men, coming along and opening our eyes to what men think, react, feel. We had a chance to hear about health and fitness from some fabulous fitness goddesses and gave some direction on what to do to change the mind and get active. There was several women in finance speaking on their life experiences and how they overcame their past and made it thru. There was many women who were entreprenuers that spoke about their life experiences and challenges and what it took to get to where they needed to be. Day one had many young females from around GTA, that gave them a chance to hear, ask questions, eat like queens and have a different experience then what they experience on the daily and it was inspirational to see them interact and get excited at the forums, food and people around them. I truly met phenomenal people and still keep in contact with them today!

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